The Hidden Costs of Setting Back Your Thermostat with Geothermal

| August 30, 2023

Geothermal heating and cooling systems are renowned for their energy efficiency and incredible cost-saving benefits. However, when it comes to setting back your thermostat, a common practice used to save energy, there are a few geothermal-specific considerations worth noting. You may be surprised to know that setting back your thermostat could actually cost you more money than it saves you in the long run. Understanding these nuances will ensure you make the most of your geothermal system without any hidden costs.

  1. Embrace Consistent Comfort:

Geothermal systems are designed to deliver consistent and even heating or cooling throughout your home. Unlike traditional gas HVAC systems that offer quick temperature recovery after large adjustments, geothermal systems shine when maintaining a steady temperature. By avoiding frequent thermostat adjustments, you can let your geothermal system work its magic efficiently, keeping your energy consumption and costs in check.

  1. Built in Comfort Feature:

All heat pump thermostats have a built-in feature that automatically turns on the “backup heat” system if the room temperature is 3° or 4° lower than the set temperature on the thermostat. This is designed to maintain better comfort during cold periods when the heat pump cannot produce enough heat to maintain the set temperature for the space. Typically, the backup heat system is a lot less efficient than the heat pump or geothermal system and costs a lot more to operate. When you avoid lowering the thermostat temperature when you may not be home during the day but later raise it up you will avoid having the backup heat system kicking on and the hidden cost to operate it.

  1. Time is on Your Side:

Geothermal systems have a longer energy recovery time compared to traditional gas systems. This means that after setting back your thermostat, the geothermal system requires a bit more time and energy to reach your desired temperature. By being mindful of this recovery period, you can ensure that your system operates optimally and maintains the energy savings you desire.

  1. Optimize Heat Pump Efficiency:

Geothermal systems utilize heat pumps to extract and transfer heat effectively. These heat pumps perform best when operating consistently. Frequent thermostat adjustments can disrupt their efficiency, leading to increased energy consumption. By finding the sweet spot and avoiding constantly changing the temperature setting, you can help your heat pump operate at its peak efficiency, reducing your energy costs.

By embracing the natural strengths of your geothermal system, you can enjoy long-term savings and revel in the incredible environmental benefits it provides!

Remember, geothermal systems are already energy-efficient powerhouses. With a few simple tweaks, you can harness their true potential and experience ultimate comfort and cost savings. Stay comfortable, save energy, and embrace the power of geothermal! Contact us today to get started.