Waterless™ DX Geothermal vs. Standard Water Geothermal

Did you know you could be getting MORE from a direct exchange geothermal system than a standard geothermal system? Let us show you the difference!

Direct exchange geothermal stands out from other types of heating and cooling systems because of its innate efficiency and its ability to save you more money. In fact, a DX geothermal system produces four to five more times energy than it consumes!

While you may think DX geothermal is similar to standard geothermal, the two systems are actually quite different.

Eliminating water from the system makes our system simpler and more efficient

Eliminating water from the system makes a DX Geothermal simpler and more efficient

A Waterless™ DX Geothermal system is less complicated and contains only one system fluid: an environmentally friendly refrigerant. NO Water or Antifreeze is needed. With two less fluids in the system direct exchange has less variables to be concerned with, making the system much simpler. By eliminating the need for water, A Waterless™ DX Geothermal system also eliminates the need for an extra heat exchanger that can waste the heat absorbed from the earth. In a DX Geothermal system heat from the ground is directly transferred into the refrigerant circulating through the buried copper ground loops. The simplicity of a DX geothermal heating and cooling system, combined with an unsurpassed reliability and longevity, will provide you with a comfortable, more effective, and more efficient system with savings for years to come!

Copper ground loops are a more efficient way to transfer heat

Copper ground loops are a more efficient way to transfer heat

Another benefit of a DX geothermal system is the superior conductivity of the copper ground loop. Copper is a much more efficient solution because it provides a superior thermal heat transfer. The thermal conductivity of copper is 600 times greater than traditional plastic geothermal ground loops.

This has been recognized by a multitude of experts, including the EPA who have agreed that the use of refrigerant in copper pipes to provide a heat exchange is significantly more efficient than plastic pipes.

“The use of refrigerant in copper pipes as a heat exchanger appears to have an inherent efficiency advantage over antifreeze solutions and plastic pipe, making them even more attractive from an energy- efficiency standpoint than a traditional GHPS (Ground-Source Heat Pump System).” – EPA’s Stephen Offutt

In addition to its superconductive properties, copper is also extremely durable and reliable which gives it a greater longevity. Copper pipes can last generations and is a stable metal and is non-corrosive in most soil conditions. For soil environments of uncertainty a ground loop protection system is installed to provide a protective shield around the copper enabling a stable environment for the copper ground loop. The method used to protect the copper loop from corrosion is the same method used to prevent deterioration of the many steel gas pipelines that are buried around the country.

The bottom line is that copper offers one of the best methods of transferring heat. It maximizes the efficiency of a geothermal system and requires less drilling for the much smaller earth loops saving you more money right from the start.

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Simple. Efficient. Effective. Waterless™ DX Geothermal performs to high standards

Simple. Efficient. Effective. Waterless™ DX Geothermal outperforms standard water based geothermal systems

Thousands of people have begun to recognize and enjoy the simplicity, savings, and comfort of a Waterless™ DX geothermal design, which has repeatedly proven to be a more efficient system.

A Waterless™ DX geothermal system has the ability to heat and cool a 2,100 square foot home for as little as $30 a month! Save a substantial amount of money with a energy-efficient, environmentally-friendly renewable energy source.

With DX Geothermal technology dating back to 1945 when the first water based closed loop geothermal design was installed, you can be confident that a Waterless™ DX geothermal system will be a safe investment and perform up to your expectations.

In fact, a DX geothermal system produces four to five more times energy than it consumes.

Curious as to how the advanced efficiency of Waterless™ DX Geothermal translates to savings? Calculate how much you could save here.


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