24 May

The Cost of Installing Geothermal Heating and Cooling in Your Home

Direct Exchange Geothermal heating and cooling systems are a great investment for homeowners who are looking to reduce their energy bills, increase their home’s energy efficiency, and reduce their carbon footprint. However, many homeowners are concerned about the cost...

17 May

Federal Tax Credits for Installing Geothermal in Your Home

If you’re considering installing a direct exchange geothermal system in your home, you may be interested to know that the federal government offers tax credits to help offset the upfront costs. In this blog, we will discuss the federal...

24 Apr

New Jersey’s DEP Approves the Installations of DX Geothermal

On July 11, 2022 The New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) issued a statement approving the installations of direct exchange (DX) geothermal systems throughout the state.   For years geothermal heating and cooling has been growing in popularity,...

25 Jul

Organizations that Certify or Recognize Direct Exchange Geothermal

Direct Geothermal Exchange is a proven technology Direct exchange (DX) geothermal technology is nothing new and is widely accepted and recognized to be another efficient option for a ground source heat pump. DX geothermal technology is also recognized both...

21 Oct


WHY DO SOME DX GEOTHERMAL DESIGNS EXPERIENCE PREMATURE COMPRESSOR FAILURES  In the past, some DX geothermal manufactures designed their equipment similar to an ordinary heat pump being sold on the market today. Some of these older DX geothermal designs worked...

17 Oct

Waterless™ Geothermal gets installed in historic Breakers Mansion

When the historic Breakers Mansion needed to solve their humidity issues, they choose Waterless™ Geothermal, a direct exchange geothermal technology, because of the ultimate efficiency the system offers. Lawrence Air Systems Inc., a WaterlessTM Geothermal dealer was selected to...