Category: Environmental Impact

15 Nov

The Safety of Refrigerant in DX Geothermal Systems

When it comes to geothermal systems, safety is paramount. We understand the importance of both environmental and human well-being, which is why we use refrigerant in our Waterless® Geothermal systems. Let’s explore why refrigerant is the ideal choice for...

25 Oct

Eco-Friendly Giants: Big Businesses Embrace Geothermal Energy

In the global movement towards sustainable and environmentally responsible practices, large corporations are taking a leadership role by implementing innovative solutions to reduce their carbon footprint. Geothermal energy, once considered a niche technology, has become a key player in...

31 May

The Top Geothermal Heating and Cooling Myths Debunked

Geothermal heating and cooling is a highly efficient and sustainable way to heat and cool your home. However, there are many myths and misconceptions about this technology that may deter homeowners from investing in it. In this article, we...