Become A Dealer

Ease of Installation

Dealers who have installed a traditional heat pump systems know how difficult and complex these systems can be. The simplicity of a Waterless Geothermal heat pump makes it easier to get started with not only a new installation but also servicing the system in years to come.

Homeowners Want Waterless Geothermal

Residential property owners who are either building a new home or renovating a current one have a lot of decisions to make. The unique features and benefits of a Waterless Geothermal design make it a more attractive choice than other less efficient and more complicated heat pump systems available today.

Specialized Training

We choose experienced HVAC companies that have a genuine interest in Waterless Geothermal’s technology and a strong desire to use proper installation methods as a dealer/installer. To ensure the highest levels of customer satisfaction, all new dealers are required to attend our online training course that is broken down into four 3 hour sessions. After all, referrals from satisfied customers are a major resource for the geothermal industry and are one of the most effective ways to promote and grown your company.

Lead Generation Partner

Unlock the power of targeted leads and accelerate your business growth with our lead generation system. We understand the importance of connecting with homeowners who are actively seeking geothermal solutions for their homes. We collect valuable leads from homeowners who are ready to embrace the benefits of geothermal technology. With just a few clicks, these homeowners can effortlessly find a skilled contractor in their vicinity. By seamlessly bridging the gap between homeowners and contractors, we ensure that every qualified lead is promptly delivered to you, empowering you to focus on what you do best: providing exceptional geothermal installations and maximizing your business potential. Say goodbye to cold leads and hello to a stream of homeowners who are eager to invest in geothermal.