• “Our waterless system provides comfort all-over in the house. It’s evenly distributed with no cold spots. The technology you presented us with was very impressive. I wanted geothermal without the disturbance to my property and that’s what I got.”

    - William S. – Covington, Ohio

  • “It’s been one year since we turned on our waterless geothermal heat. We really are very happy with the heating and cooling, but you were WAY OFF with your estimated yearly operating cost of $472. PLEASE BE ADVISED IT WAS ACTUALLY $302.28!! Apparently Mark did an excellent job and we are very satisfied with this system. Incidentally, we keep our thermostat at 73 to 75 all winter. Our thanks for a job well done as we continue to brag about our system and the company that installed it.”

    - Dale and Irene S. – Wapakoneta, Ohio

  • “Our waterless geothermal system is much more comfortable in our home with the humidity and temperature controlled. Your reputation for doing good work rings true!”

    - Catherine B. – Ft. Recovery, Ohio

  • “Our waterless geothermal system is cost effective and efficient. Your company is honest and reliable and you really care about your customers.” Barry P. – Rockford, Ohio

    - Barry P. – Rockford, Ohio

  • "Our house is Buschur'ed out, and we are more than pleased to say that. We have a geothermal unit, UV lights in the ductwork which was just cleaned and sanitized, UV light on our cistern line, and a water filtration system. The geothermal provides cool air in the summer and warm, soft air in the winter. The water filtration system gives us pure, clean, palatable water out of more than one outlet. The UV lights help reduce mold and allergens for allergy suffers. The ductwork cleaning cut down on dusting. Service is always wonderful, timely, with friendly technicians. They have always responded to our needs and fixed our problems. The Buschur's are always eager to greet and talk to us. We feel like their most important customers, even though we know we are one of many satisfied customers. We have no problem recommending them, and will continue to be customers."

    - Rick Zahn

  • "We bought our home with a Buschur installed geothermal unit and have loved it! Called Buschur's for the first time for troubleshooting and they were phenomenal! Knowledgeable, fast, friendly customer service!!"

    - Brittney Wilson

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Who We Are

In 1973 Jerry and Janice Buschur started Buschur’s Refrigeration and have grown the company to include their 6 sons and 5 daughters along with their team including over 25 other industry professionals. For forty five years, we have been the heating and cooling company of choice for West Central Ohio — we’re a name you can trust. We service everything that we sell. Our technicians and installers are factory trained and certified with experience to provide you with the best service possible.

We have built our reputation on doing quality work while keeping our customers best interests in mind. We are the only company that offers you quality assurance that allows your to verify the low cost of operation and savings of your new geothermal system. We pride ourselves in keeping up with the latest in technology and as a result, we are constantly learning about new products and improvements that will save you money.. Our experienced and knowledgeable sales staff can assist you in discussing the latest in energy efficient products available on the market today.

What We Believe

We believe each home and customer is unique, and should be respectfully treated that way. We are able to do this by performing an individual energy analysis on each home to make sure you receive the most efficient system. We are committed to providing quality products that will help you save money and improve your living. Our ultimate goal is to increase your homes efficiency, lower your carbon foot print, provide you complete comfort, and save you thousands of dollars a year on your utility bills. We empower you with knowledge and support throughout the entire buying process to help you make the best educated decision. The exceptional service that you experience before the sale is then replicated after the sale. We are passionate about our work, and want to create the most positive experience for you.

Our Services

  • Waterless™ Geothermal Installation & Repairs
  • Water Source Geothermal Installation & Repairs
  • Open Loop, Closed Loop Designs
  • Horizontal Loops & Vertical Loops Configurations
  • Home Energy Analysis & On-Site Visits
  • Start-to-Finish Installation (No Subcontractors)
  • Total Comfort Monitoring
  • Zoning Available
  • In home Consultation
  • Heating & Cooling Installation & Repair
    • Heat Pumps
    • Gas Furnaces
    • Hot Water Boiler Systems
    • Radiant/Hydronic Heating
    • Central Air Conditioners
    • Ductless Mini-Splits
  • Zoning Available
  • UV Air Purification
  • Duct Cleaning & Duct Sealing
  • Electronic Air Filter
  • HEPA Filtration
  • Indoor Air Humidification (Humidifier)
  • Indoor Air Dehumidification (Dehumidifier)
  • Carbon Monoxide Monitoring

Our Services/Our Products/What We Offer:

  • Fireplace and Stove Installation & Repair
    • Wood
    • Gas
    • Electric
    • Pellet
    • Corn
  • Customizable Fireplaces- Full Service Design Collaboration With Contractors
    • Indoor Fireplaces & Inserts
    • Outdoor Fireplaces
  • Fireplace Accessories
    • Gas Logs
    • Wall & Hearth Stone Options
    • Mantle
    • Chimney Caps
    • Vent Pipe
    • Chimney Liners
    • Glass Doors
    • Tool Sets
  • Whole House Water Softener System
  • Whole House Iron Filtration System
  • Whole House Cistern Water Disinfection System (UV)
  • Whole House Chemical Filtration
  • Drinking Water Purification
  • Softener Salt Distributor
  • Solar Installation & Repairs
  • Smartflower Solar

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Our Experience

Buschur’s Refrigeration specializes in Geothermal Heating and Cooling and have been installing Geothermal Systems since the late 1970’s. We have experience designing and installing all of the different styles of geothermal and ground loop designs on the market today. Buschur’s has already installed thousands of geothermals in the tri-state area: Ohio, Indiana, and Michigan.


  • Awarded: AEP (American Electric Power) Company Highest Average Homeowner Savings for the State of Ohio
  • Awarded: Midwest Electric Contractor of the Year in Highest Customer Satisfaction and Highest Sales Volume
  • Energy Star Certified
  • International Ground Source Heat Pump Association (IGSHPA) Member
  • Comfort Qualified Certified
  • Tech Seal of Safety Certified
  • Green Screened Certified
  • Clean Indoor Air Alliance Member

Other Services

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